The difference between PVD gold plating and real gold in high imitation watches table

I believe that PVD and vacuum plating technology may be a term that people often hear when they are exposed to high-grade imitation watches. However, most of the explanations about this thing are in the clouds. Everyone seems to have a reason, but there are few related on the Internet. Contrast information, then I will come to the first river to explain it.

First of all, let me explain what this means. PVD is essentially a coating technology. Simply put, I have made a number of knives. I want him to be harder and more wear-resistant. I can put a layer of chrome on the PVD on the knife, which will make the tool brighter and stronger. This is not a process that only targets precious metals. In short, if I want to get a gold watch at a low cost, then the PVD process becomes a coloring process, printing the original stainless steel with the color of gold, which is simply the case.

The real precious metal fake watch is made of real 18CT gold, which is changed by the mixing of different amounts of silver, copper, platinum or palladium, and then forged the precious metal firmware of the watch. . Ití»s not that a layer of color is plated on stainless steel later.

So what is the difference between the two? Because of the conditional problem, we will only discuss the best PVD process on the market and the gold watch of the real gold in the case of new products. I believe everyone will be clear.

The left side is the true 18k gold version of the high imitation Rolex GMT. The right side is the PVD gold version of Rolex.

It is worth mentioning here that because the PVD version of replica Rolex is cheap, there are many model openers in the market, and this version of the watch is being made. The standard version we explain this time is the best PVD version currently on the market. Rolex.